It is yet another social initiative taken up by Indore Police which provides a platform for arriving at amicable solutions to personal and family disputes.
This is a revolutionary effort, which has positively galvanized the police functioning against suppression, atrocities and alleviation of women. People of all strata derive benefits from these centers.
Counselling at these centers has produced good results. A majority of citizens want to refrain from legal actions and they are now turning towards the Family Counselling Center to settle their disputes amicably.

Working plan

The Family Counseling Center can be termed as embodiment of mutual trust, understanding, love, cooperation and above all a sheltering place to the forlorn young couple

Each Family Counselling Center has 5 to 10 Women Counselors/NGO members. They attend the centers daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. A total of about 70 Women counselors are rendering there valuable services in these Family Counselling Centers.


On receipt of a complaint, women counselors register it and discuss problems with the aggrieved party. Thereafter summons are issued to the respondents to appear before the Family Counselling Center on a specific date and time.

The Counselors try to bring a psychological change in their attitude towards each other and efforts are made to bring a amicable solution to there grievances through mutual understanding.

Where parties do not agree for compromise, in such cases the aggrieved women are supported and necessary help is extended by way of legal aid.

Follow Up Program

To avoid inconvenience due to recurrence, disputed cases are kept under surveillance and are followed up regularly. The follow up action has tremendous positive psychological effect on both the parties besides providing factual information.

To give incentive to the settled families, they are invited in social gatherings organised by the center.